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Man, my life is interesting.... - Kate [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Man, my life is interesting.... [Feb. 20th, 2004|08:19 pm]
"Where were you, tonight?"
"Oh, down at the Wiltse road underpass listening to Dahlia converse with Samael."


Dahlia asks, "By any chance will players get to play, well, monsters in the game?"
Kate has seen one manniquin show up since she's been here.
Dahlia tingles at the thought of scraping around the streets of Silent Hill like some horribly disfigured abomination from hell.
Kate grins
Samael clicks, "Should we have more mannequins, then?"
Dahlia muses.
Kate says, "It was certainly interesting, though I dread the thought of my saftey resting in the hands of -James-, who would rather -announce- that it's okay and he has a gun, than actually USE the damn thing."

Dahlia says, "I think more of those arms-bound-behind-back-staggering-like-a-drunken-fool creatures would do nicely."
Kate says, "Mental patient zombies?"
Dahlia says, "I think so, Kate."

The eerie screeching and plodding of about a half dozen double-legged mannequins can be heard trodding overhead on Nathan Avenue.

/command: look Samael
/output: "Boobygoat"


Kate says, "Well -I- feel out of place..."
Dahlia says, "I think everyone does, here in Silent Hill."
Dahlia nods knowingly.
Samael doesn't.
Kate isn't surprised.
Samael flaunts its beastly chest. "Become jealous! I command it!"
Dahlia turns a startling shade of viridian.
Kate stifles a laugh
Samael says, "I think we need more blood in that corner over there..."
Kate says, "That color looks so -natural- on you, Dahlia"
Dahlia asks, "Should I contribute my own vitae or perhaps Kate would like the honor...?"
The walls begin bleeding profusely. "Ah, so much better!" Samael happily chirps.
Dahlia grins wickedly.
Kate debates whether it would be worse to move away from the bleeding wall, closer to Samael and Dahlia, or remain where she is

Dahlia gazes levelly at Kate with strangely glinting eyes.
Kate has a juicebox and isn't afraid to..uh...drink from it!
Samael says, "Drop the juicebox so Dahlia can see it."
You drop the tasty box of juice. How could you?!
Startled at the sight of the juice, Dahlia takes a quick step backward, shielding her face with her hand.
Dahlia snatches up the tasty box of juice, a thirsty look in their eyes.
Dahlia sips enthusiastically at the straw, hollow cheeks sucked even further in, if such a thing is possible.
Kate eyes her juicebox, deciding she doesn't particularly want it now.
Kate says, "It'd be a little late to tell you I got that from Vincent, now, wouldn't it?"
Samael snorts a high-pitched shriek of laughter.
Dahlia freezes in mid-sip.
Ick! Vincent cooties!
Dahlia discards the tasty box of juice. It's a sad day for juicebox lovers.
Kate chuckles
You pick up the deliciously tasty box of juice, your mouth already watering.

Samael asks, "You think poorly of Vincent?"
Dahlia asks, "He's got cooties. I don't think he washes himself very well. I mean, have you seen those *blemishes* on his chin?"
Dahlia makes a sour face.
Samael asks, "And you're one to talk about beauty tips?"
Kate laughs
Dahlia says, "I at least know how to operate a bottle of concealer."
Dahlia hmphs.
Samael points a ragged claw at the red and black striped tie hanging around the woman's neck. "Exhibit A."
Kate says, "You can open it, but can you -use- it?"
Kate looks unimpressed
Vincent has arrived.
Kate says, "Oh, you're -just- in time. Dahlia wants to give you some beauty tips."
Dahlia throws a small bottle of concealer at Kate's head.
Kate grabs her head. "Ow!"
Dahlia looks at Vincent. Speak of the devil!
"Devil?" Vincent asks innocently enough.
Kate looks up at Samael briefly, before follwing Dahlia's gaze back to Vincent. She looks over at Dahlia. "Quite the figure of speech, given the circumstances..."
Dahlia cackles.
"And how are *we* tonight, good Father?" Dahlia sneers.
Kate eyes Dahlia. "Oh, like -you- care."
"Certainly better than -you- look, Dahlia." Vincent says wearily to the old woman. He favors Kate with a curt smile.
"You missed her claiming she had better grooming habits than you," Kate asides to Vincent.
Dahlia hisses at Kate. Noisy girl!
Kate looks up at Dahlia, a mix of malice and amusement dancing in dark eyes.
This could get fun...
Vincent looks at Dahlia out of the corner of his narrowed eyes as he queries Kate in a none-too-surprised tone. "Oh, -was- she?"

Kate nods. "How's your head? You downed a lot of liquor rather quickly last night..."
Vincent remarks with a sharp edge of self-pity, "Oh, today was -wonderful-. It felt like my head was being ripped open with a rusty crowbar."
Kate sympathizes. "You too?"
Vincent nods silently and leans up against the cold concrete wall. "More fun than a missionary and a half."
"Is that how much it took for the present Claudia left James?" Kate snickers
Vincent brings a hand up to run his fingers slowly through his hair. "Now that, I don't know." he retorts, laughing lightly.

Dahlia retrieves her concealer from the ground
Kate points at Dahlia "See? What'd I tell you? She says she knows how to -open- it, but I don't think she can -use- it."
Dahlia raises the concealer again threateningly...
Kate gets ready to duck
"Dahlia, what in the world do you think you're doing?" Vincent queries the older preistess, folding his arms loosely across his chest.
Dahlia says sweetly, "Merely demonstrating that I do indeed know how to *use* this bottle of concealer."
Kate says, "HA!"
Dahlia smirks.
"If I recall correctly, and I -do-," Vincent says matter-of-factly, "Halloween is in October, not February."
Kate snickers
Dahlia mutters to herself, something about "nests of vipers".
The priest shoots a particularly smug sneer at Dahlia, the corners of his mouth turned up cruelly. "Why, this is even more satisfying than goading Claudia." Vincent remarks.
Shaking his head mournfully, Vincent says with remorse, "And it's such a shame you hadn't arrived sooner. Tsk."
"Pfah. I was about on more *important* business, Vincent...but a true believer must take the bitter with the sweet and accept less...palatable tasks, and so I was spewed out here to dally with faithless and the hopelessly lost." Dahlia wrinkles her nose.
Kate rolls her eyes skyward, and narrowly avoiding the urge to add dramatic effect by facepalming.